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The RECIRC Project

RECIRC is producing a large-scale, quantitative analysis of the reception and circulation of women's writing from 1550 to 1700. The results will enable analysis of how texts, ideas and reputations gained traction in the early modern period. The focus includes writers who were read in Ireland and Britain as well as women born and resident in Anglophone countries; the subject of study is not limited to authors who wrote in English. RECIRC is organised in four interlocking work packages: transnational religious networks; the international republic of letters; the manuscript miscellany; and book/manuscript ownership.

Principal Investigator

Professor Marie-Louise Coolahan

Research Assistant/Researcher

Dr Bronagh McShane

Work Packages

Work Package One

Transnational Religious Networks
Researcher: Dr Bronagh McShane and Dr Emilie K.M. Murphy
This work package investigates the transmission and translation of female-authored texts among the Catholic religious orders across Europe.

Work Package Two

The International Republic of Letters
Researchers: Dr Felicity Maxwell and Evan Bourke
This work package analyses the international republic of letters as the locus for the circulation of texts and ideas by women and their forging of new intellectual networks across Europe.

Work Package Three

The Manuscript Miscellany as Instrument of Circulation and Site of Reception
Researchers: Dr Sajed Chowdhury and Dr Erin A. McCarthy
This work package addresses the reception of women's writing in early modern manuscript culture by focusing on a specific category: the manuscript miscellany. It investigates various modes of manuscript reception, including the compilation, adaptation and excerpting of texts by women.

Work Package Four

Transmission Trails and Book Ownership
Researcher: Dr Mark Empey

This work package maps the transmission of women's texts by focusing on the evidence of early modern library catalogues, patterns of book ownership and authorial attribution.

IRC Work Package

The Reception and Circulation of Irish Women’s Writing, 1550-1800
Researcher: Dr Wes Hamrick

This project researches the transmission and translation of Irish-language women's writing, up to 1800. It also contributes to ‘Women's Poetry in Ireland, Scotland and Wales, 1400-1800’, which is producing a multi-lingual anthology and comparative critical study (